Installation and maintenance of Pknergy Wall -mounted battery guidance

The installation and maintenance of wall -mounted batteries is an important aspect to ensure its normal operation and safety. The following are some information about the installation and maintenance of our wall -mounted batteries, as well as some security considerations:

Installation process:

Choose the appropriate position: It is important to choose an appropriate position for installing a wall -mounted battery. Generally, these batteries need to be installed indoors, away from direct sunlight, extreme temperature and humid environment. Make sure the installation location is stable to support the weight of the battery.

Electrical connection: The battery needs to be connected to the home electrical system. This may require qualified electricians to perform this work to ensure safe connection and compliance. Be sure to follow all local electrical regulations.

Ventilation and temperature control: Double wall -mounted batteries may generate heat during charging and discharge. Make sure that the installation location has enough ventilation to prevent excessive heating. Some systems may require additional temperature control equipment.

Safety attachment: Annexes, such as wall racks, safety stents, or protective caps during installation to ensure the stability and safety of our battery.

Maintenance and safety considerations:

Regular inspection: regularly check the status of wall -mounted batteries, including checking whether the battery shell is damaged, the cable connection is tight, and whether the ventilation is good.

Battery maintenance: Our wall -mounted batteries usually do not need a lot of maintenance, but to ensure that the surface of the battery is kept clean and items are avoided on the battery.

Safety: Follow the security operation and maintenance guidelines to reduce the potential risks during the use of battery. If abnormalities occur, such as battery leakage, abnormal noise or abnormal heat, the battery connection should be disconnected immediately.

Keep communication: Some wall -mounted battery systems are equipped with communication equipment to remotely monitor the status of the battery. Make sure these devices work normally and check their communication status regularly.

Battery life: Our wall -mounted battery is expected to live for more than 10 years.

In short, the installation and maintenance of the harsh wall -mounted battery needs to be cautious. If you are not sure how to install or maintain or need wall -mounted batteries, please contact us as soon as possible.


Post time: Nov-30-2023