PKNERGY 15Kwh 48V 51.2V 300Ah Lithium Battery with Roller for Home Energy Storage

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Battery Type: Lithium ion phosphate Battery
Rated voltage: 48V/51.2V
Capacity :300Ah
Size ( mm) :1165*458*355
Weight :125kgs
Application :Solar battery backup system
Package :Polywood box

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PKNERGY 15Kwh 48V 300Ah Lithium Battery with Roller for Home Energy Storage

48V 300Ah 15Kwh LiFePO4 Battery with Roller is pack designed as an Energy storage system ess battery module. It can be used in series or in parallel. It is compatible with all industry-leading standard solar charge controllers, inverters.
Superior chemical and thermal stability, Lithium Iron Phosphate battery pack is the safest in the lithium-ion family. It includes Canbus, RS485 communication, Modules can be connected in parallel, and paralleled modules that communicate through RS485. Battery modules communicate with the inverter via the CAN interface. Compatible with CANBUS protocol, compatible with Growatt, Goodwe, Deye inverter.Supports parallel, Best for energy storage, and more extended cycle life Module Applications. This 5kwh energy storage system battery is easy to install and keep in parallel households, small industrial businesses, tiny houses, and homes.1


- 48v LFP-based ESS, long life expectancy of 15+ years.

- Battery bank Expandable in parallel as power needs to increase.

- Operates at 98% efficiency for more than 7000 times cycles.

- Offer up to 100% depth of discharge.

- integrated battery management system ( BMS ).

- Flexible control that covers all commercial fields.

- Quick and Easy Installation, Maintenance-free.

Battery Pack specifications 

No. Item General Parameter Remark
1 Combination method 16S3P 51.2V 300Ah
2 Rated Capacity Typical 300Ah Standard discharge after Standard charge (package)
Minimum 295Ah
3 Factory Voltage 48V-49.5V(40-60%) Mean Operation Voltage
4 Voltage at end of Discharge 43.2V Discharge Cut- off Voltage
5 Charging Voltage 58.4V
6 Internal Impedance ≤60m Ω Internal resistance measured at AC 1 KHZ after 50% charge
The measure must uses the new batteries that within one week after shipment and cycles less than 5 times
7 Standard charge Constant Current 60 A Constant Voltage see No. 5 Charge time : Approx 6 h
0.02CA cut-off
Limiting current 20A
8 Standard discharge Constant current:60A end
voltage see NO.4
9 Maximum Continuous 200A T≥ 10ºC
Charge Current
10 Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 200A T≥ 10ºC
11 Operation Temperature Range Charge : 0~45℃ 60± 25%R .H.
Bare Cell
Discharge : -20~55℃
12 Storage Temperature Range Less than 12 months : -10~35℃ 60± 25%R .H. at the shipment state
less than 3 months: -10~45℃
Less than 7 day : -20~65℃
13 Dimensions 1165*458*385mm
14 Weight () Approx: 125kg

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