Service technology

A. Project managers organize the team, obtaining detailed information about customers’ requirement about the specifics of battery, then confirming parameters and environment of battery application.
B. Designing battery according to customers’ requirement and presenting the drawings to the customer for more straightforward understanding of the battery scheme.
C. After customers confirm battery parameters and drawings, arrange for fabrication of samples.
D. After production samples are fabricated and pass testing, they will be sent to customers by express delivery. With customers’ confirmation and approval of the samples, Pknergy will keep one sample out of the sample batch as the GOLDEN SAMPLE.

A. Timely inform customers of production scheduling and following up the production schedule to ensure product delivery is in accordance with the agreed time.
C. Send test reports to customers after production and testing are completed. Thereafter arrange for shipment.

A. A minimum of 1 year quality guarantee is provided for all Pknergy battery products.
B. Once problems arise with battery products, Pknergy project managers will immediately organize a team to investigate and formulate solutions according to feedback from customers to ensure that the same problem won’t arise again. An 8D report will be presented as well.